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C Change of Dates/Format

ANNOUNCEMENT @ 11th May 2020 (see complete text on home page and below)

As you all experience and know, we are globally facing unique circumstances due to the covid-19 pandemic. Given the limited predictability of how the situation evolves in the following months, we have decided to postpone QRMH8 conference for a year. 

Our decision is to re-schedule the EQUIP8 conference for 9-11 September 2021.




  • submissions received during the submission procedure from May 2019 until January 5, 2020, and accepted according to the evaluation results sent on April 10, 2020, will be valid for the 2021 conference edition 
  • if participants wish to alter the submitted abstract due to new research findings, they may do so by January 31, 2021 via email (not re-submission) to 
  • if participants wish to entirely withdraw their existing submission, they may do so by August 30, 2020 via email to 
  • the submission procedure will reopen in September 2020 only for entirely new submissions, and not for the ones already received and accepted. 


  • all registrations received so far (before the announcement of 2020 postponement on May11th, 2020), will be valid for the 2021 conference edition 
  • if participants wish to entirely withdraw their existing registration, they may do so by August 31, 2020 via email to . The corresponding refund (amount minus bank/credit card charges) will be transferred to them from September 15 till October 15th, 2020. 
  • for participants wishing to rethink their participation in due time, they may do so by January 31, 2021 but need to inform about the required extension via email to  by August 31, 2020. 
  • Students’ registrations received before the announcement of 2020 postponement (May 11th, 2020), will be valid for the 2021 conference edition according to the matriculation certificate for winter or summer term of 2019-2020, as initially submitted. 
  • the registration procedure will reopen in September 2020 only for entirely new registrations

*refers to complete registrations, where both the form and payment has been received

We are happy to receive any further questions or inquiries, and to be able to assist your participation for the new QRMH8 dates!



QRMH8 rescheduled for 9-11 September 2021

Dear QRMH8 presenters & participants,

We are carefully monitoring the situation with the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, paying close attention to any developments, and following the guidance of the World Health Organization (WHO), national and local public health authorities.

We are globally facing unique circumstances due to the pandemic, a situation of limited predictability of how the situation will evolve in the following months. In the framework of this existing fluidity in several sectors worldwide including the restrictions on international travel, movement of visitors,  and group meetings , we have decided to postpone  the QRMH8 for next year 2021.

Given that our absolute priority is the health of colleagues, associates, and event participants, we have decided to reschedule this year’s event for Thursday 9th – Saturday 11th September 2021.  We are choosing to avoid transferring this event to an online platform, as we believe that participants gain enormously from personal engagement, contact and sharing , and therefore it is important for us to meet, even if we have to postpone the conference by a year.

Less than a month ago, we have completed the evaluation process and notified all presenters about their contribution. This process has confirmed that QRMH8 will continue the legacy of the previous conference editions, and we are very pleased with the submissions which reflect high quality academic research.

Your contribution is of course still valid for QRMH8 in 2021!

We warmly invite you to continue this conference journey with us.  In the coming months we will be communicating with you in an interactive and collaborative way regarding the conference programme. Please stay tuned for further details!  

For all practical information about your participation in the 2021 conference (submissions & registrations status for next year) please read the related policy above.

We look forward to seeing you in Malta in September 2021. 

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Stay Positive!
Thank you for your understanding.

Conference Chairs
Angela AbelaUniversity of Malta, Malta
Maria BorcsaUniversity of Applied Sciences Nordhausen, Germany




Change the plan, but never the goal!

All of us have been looking forward to organizing the QRMH8 conference
on site, in Valletta, Malta this September.

However, based on consultations with public health experts, as well as the tourism and event management sector, it seems that international travel and event attendance is unlikely to return to normal this year. 

At the same time, vaccine distribution might not be widespread enough to allow attendees from many countries to travel or be reassured and relaxed about meeting with other people indoors. 

All these concerns were also portrayed in the online survey conducted a few weeks ago, based on which the QRMH8 chairs have decided, after careful consideration, that the QRMH8 conference will move online. Despite the de-escalation of the pandemic, the situation in September seems to be dubious about the realization of in-person events.
We feel that making this decision early on, allows us to plan creatively for a vibrant, intellectually rich online conference, which will be a mixture of interactive live sessions with Q&As, interesting poster presentations, networking opportunities and pre-recorded content. 

The University of Malta, Valletta Campus is excited to be our virtual host for this year’s conference as we work to keep our community connected through these unpreceded times.


For any further questions regarding the QRMH8 please contact.

T. +30 2310 433099
F. +30 2310 433599